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Systems of Support


Multi-Tiered Systems of Support 

A framework for continuous improvement that is systemic, prevention-focused, and data-informed, providing a coherent continuum of supports responsive to meet the needs of ALL learner

Tier 1

Core, universal instruction and supports that are provided to all students

Tier 2

Targeted supplemental intervention and supports for specific groups of students; provided in addition to Tier 1

Tier 3

Intensive supplemental intervention and supports for a select group of students; provided in addition to Tiers 1 & 2



We bring equity to life when our MTSS Framework ensures each scholar is known, respected and supported across the diversity of their learning needs, while providing supports that are collaboratively developed and rooted in data that lead to equitable practices for the purpose of social and academic growth.

What Is MTSS?

At Torres, we strive to root all of our practices in a mission-driven, data-informed approach.  MTSS is just that: a data-informed, multi-tiered system of support designed to provide instruction, instructional support, and research-based interventions to meet the needs of all scholars.  

Along with our vision, our goal for MTSS is to ensure all scholars receive appropriate instruction as well as support at their level. This includes high level academic instruction, language instruction and/or support, and/or social emotional support embedded in high quality, culturally relevant units of study.

The visual below illustrates our structure for supporting scholars at varying levels from intervention to enrichment.  Our MTSS structure will be accomplished through the implementation of the following MTSS components:  research-based culturally sustaining-responsive core curriculum, language of instruction and supports, culturally relevant content,  data analysis cycles, data analysis tools, and problem solving teams.