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Torres Squads


For the 2020-2021 school year, each student, K-8, will be separated into a squad. Our Torres Belief Systems are part of the fabric of our school community. In a remote learning setting, the work of maintaining our Torres identity is critically important. Squads help us do that!





We believe in valuing the truth and abilities of self and others.

Squad leaders are paired with a group of 14-18 students. This adult-student connection supports students’ progress in a remote learning setting.


We believe in being yourself and exploring interests.

Squad leaders and peer groups help students find ways to stay connected to the Torres community. They encourage students to find safe interests and pursue them.


We believe in actively listening, openly communicating, and purposefully collaborating with others.

Squad leaders connects with each student in the squad weekly. Squad leaders collaborate with homeroom/content teachers to monitor students’ academic progress. Squad leaders help hold students accountable for work completion.


We believe in maintaining dignity by taking responsibility for our behaviors and actions, while restoring relationships with others.

Squad leaders support students’ ability to take responsibility for their learning by encouraging them to ask for help when they need it. They encourage students to maintain social connections with each other safely.


We believe in valuing the human experience and therefore provide access to opportunities that meet the needs to develop self and others.

Squad leaders advocate on behalf of students in the squad. They ensure students are aware of available opportunities and encourage student participation.


We believe in investing in community and celebrate the impact that our collective identities have on the whole.

Squad leaders build camaraderie and community by creating norms, expectations, and celebrations within the squad. Squad leaders recognize individuals and the whole.

Your student’s Squad Leader will communicate with you and your student no later than September 4, 2020.

NOTE: The role of Squad Leader does not replace a homeroom teacher. Each student will still be placed into a homeroom. In grades K-3, the homeroom teacher is responsible for all core instruction. In grades 4-8, students will receive instruction from multiple teachers based on subject area.