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First Weeks of School

The first week's focus is on ensuring all students can successfully access their remote learning platforms, can engage with one another and their teacher/squad leader, and practice submitting their first assignment. Weeks 2 and 3 determine the the current standards/skills students have already mastered, provide teachers the opportunity to give their first feedback to students, and support the students' social/emotional wellbeing. 
week one
Students First - It's the first day of school. It always comes with an uncertain, yet exciting feeling. This is even truer during remote instruction! Students begin in their homerooms and practice a regular school day. Parents should get their students logged in early to ensure that their student doesn't miss anything. Torres staff will support students virtually throughout the day according the students' posted schedules.
Sharing Content - Teachers know that the first week is all about building skills and community safely. Students need to know it's ok to make mistakes. They're going to happen! Teachers will share content, but not before sharing clear expectations and practicing routines and procedures. 
Submitting the First Assignment - After students have had enough time sharing, learning, and collaborating virtually, the teacher will have them demonstrate their abilities by submitting their first assignment. It's likely going to be something very simply, so don't stress! Ask for help when you need it. 
Squads Circle Up! - Students meet their squad leader for the first time and likely will engage in their first community circle with their squad. 
Office Hours - School administrators will be available to support you and your student during scheduled office hours. You can call or meet with them virtually. Ask questions, provide feedback, and get support when you need it. 
NOTE - Teachers begin taking and reporting student attendance on day one! 
week two
Formative Data - Teachers need to know which skills/standards students have mastered. Torres adopts a "momentum mindset." We won't waste time talking about learning loss or "students being behind." For us, it's all momentum: identify where students are and start teaching from there. Go forward. Make progress. We won't waste time. 
Study Island and Exact Path - Students will engage with these programs if they didn't during week one. Though teachers will be teaching their curriculum, Torres (and all Acero schools) leverage these programs to monitor student progress. By the end of the school year, students should have mastered 16 skills in the program.
Squad Check-ins - Students participate in a one-on-one check-in with squad leader weekly beginning this week. 
week three
The Work Begins - Now that teachers have had the chance to monitor student progress and plan accordingly, students will begin a rigorous course of study. By now they should have practiced ways to stay organized, maintain positive study habits, and work collaboratively.
Personalized Instruction - Students receive personalized instruction from teachers. This means that they may have scheduled small group or one-on-one learning sessions. It's important that students attend these sessions.
Squad Check-ins - Squad leaders continue their work of engaging students positively, deepen relationships, and hold students accountable.